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U.I.P. Program
U.I.P. Program

The Ueda International Pre-School program is a wonderful
way to meet the needs of foreign, dual national, and
returning English speaking Japanese families.
It is also a great school for Japanese families that
want their children to become fluent in English and to gain
more opportunities in the international community.
UIP follows the British curriculum for primary school and
the American curriculum for pre-school. Ueda Pre-School
was originally established at the request of foreign parents
who saw a need in the community for such a school.
The school has a well equipped playground for children
and a gymnasium. There are also many spacious classrooms, an
art area and a libary.
The older classes are equipped with computers too, so the
students can work on their computer skills. UIP also have many
near-bye parks that the classes also go to.